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Whether you are at your first commercial leasing experience or whether you are presently reconsidering your business’ location, we will find you the very best suited solution for your current needs. As tenant, here is a brief overview of the services offered to you by our devoted management team:

Flexible Leasing Solutions offer

Whether you are self-employed and looking for your first commercial rental space or whether you need to relocate your business in a more efficient working environment, you will benefit from our know-how to find your new working space which will exceed all expectations at a very competitive price! To sum up, all of our rental spaces have one thing in common : offering you an exceptional leasing experience and the best value-for-money ratio!

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  • Access to a variety of renting surfaces within your budgets
  • Personalized and customized working environments
  • Completely personalized and customized maintenance services agreements
  • Flexible financial packages and credit agreements
  • Personalized arrangements on rental clauses

Meticulous management of rental space

As real-estate owners and managers, we look after all aspects of the operations of our own buildings in order to offer a unique turnkey leasing solution for each and every one of our customers. Whether you need a proactive support regarding the completion of any fit-up work or whether you benefit from our extended services, skills and expertise, we are committed to assist you throughout the entire process of your commercial leasing experience.

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  • Preliminary studies and our support from our team for your leasing project
  • Management and supervision of any remodeling or fit-up work under established deadlines
  • High quality and efficient building maintenance
  • Complete taking over of the management and running costs of our buildings
  • Supervision and personalized follow-up of the cleaning services

Proactive management of the buildings

We guarantee you a positive working environment thanks to substained and regular building investments along with a rigorous maintenance. We take pride and we remain driven in managing impeccable, well maintained, efficient buildings in addition to invest at every level that will enhance the renting experience of our tenants. Whether we improve our existing property portfolio or whether we broaden our real estate activities, our number one priority remains to anticipate our tenants’ needs 24/7. It is indisputably THE difference that sets us apart from our competition.

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  • Regular and large-scale infrastructure investments in our buildings
  • Modern edge architecture and infrastructure through regular contribution and recommendations from key experts and designers
  • Functional optimization of our buildings focused on the needs of our existing customers
  • Periodic makeovers and updates on the inside and outside of our buildings
  • Regular update in the standards of the equipments of the building
  • Improved safety devices in each of our properties

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